Iced Tea? Yes Please!

Good afternoon!! The weekend is upon us!!

We all enjoy summer BBQ’s and get togethers… well if you’re thinking of sitting back and relaxing this weekend, why not whip this drink up – it’s quite delicious!!

It’s a drink that Dr. Oz recommends thanks to the many health benefits of green tea.  We all know the benefits, right?  Well, green tea purifies your body and maintains vitality – and it’s GREAT for your metabolism.  Green tea accelerates your metabolism by 12%, it regulates your blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of a heart attack and various forms of cancer. It also strengthens your immunity and improves your mood.

Find the recipe below – enjoy! 


  • 1 litre water
  • 5 green tea bags
  • 1 orange
  • A handful of fresh mint

In boiling water add 5 bags of green tea. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and leave the tea to cool. Orange cut into wedges. Put the tea in a large jar and add the orange slices and mint. Close the jar and leave overnight. The next day drink the tea. Dr. Oz recommends one cup of this drink in the mornings on empty stomach, before meals, and rest to drink at night before going to bed.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Should you eat before a workout?

MYTH: Never Eat Before a Workout

The Truth: You should always eat something before exercising so your body has enough fuel to power through your workout.

The rationale behind this widely accepted myth is that forgoing food before exercise will force your body to burn more fat during your workout. This is a big, fat lie: Starving yourself before exercising can actually be detrimental to your body. Let’s get to the bottom of this fitness myth once and for all.

You need sugar to exert energy. Your body needs a certain amount of sugar for fuel when training. When that blood sugar is not there, your body will convert your own muscle tissue into energy. A recent study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal looked at cyclists who ate before they trained versus those who fasted before they trained. The amount of fat burn was the same for both groups, but those who had trained without eating first had 10 percent of their calorie burn come from protein — including their own muscle mass. You’re trying to buildmuscle, not eat away at it!

Your body needs energy to perform at a high intensity.You know I’m always saying that I want you to work out as hard as you can for as long as you can. How can you do that if you haven’t properly fueled your body? Think about it this way: Would you drive a car without gas? Use your iPhone without charging it? Nope and nope. If you haven’t eaten anything, your workout won’t be as intense as if you’d fueled up beforehand, not to mention that you’ll likely suffer from low blood sugar, which will make you dizzy and sluggish.

You don’t need to gorge yourself; a healthy snack will do the trick. I suggest you eat something 45 minutes to an hour before training — you’ll have more energy and endurance to work harder, burn more calories, and improve your muscle tone. Aim for something with carbohydrates and protein. Here are a few quick, healthy ideas: a whey shake, low-fat yogurt with berries, or a banana or apple slices with natural almond butter.

The Bottom Line:

You should always eat something before a workout. I’m not suggesting you pig out. A small, healthy snack consisting of carbohydrates and protein will properly fuel your body for a killer workout.

Setting Goals in Weight Loss

What would you have to work for if you don’t set a goal? 
Many of us struggle with weight loss, right? Yes.  It’s very important to set GOALS!!

When I weighed 272lbs my first goal was to lose 50lbs by my friend Katie’s wedding.  Well guess what?  No lie, on the morning of her wedding I went to the gym and weighed in.  50lbs down exactly!! I was so excited!  My next goal was to be down 100lbs by the one year mark.  Did I accomplish my goal?  No I did not…..exactly.  One year and A DAY I was down my 100lbs.

My goals were a little drastic.  Not all goals will be this extreme.  But it’s still important to set goals to keep you going.

If you’re setting a goal to lose weight, set a goal for how many inches you are wanting to lose as well as how many pounds.  This will help you focus on losing fat as well, not just weight.  I would recommend only weighing yourself once a week.  I know personally that it’s so easy to get obsessed with the number on the scale.  It is very easy to get discouraged as well.  It may show on the scale that you haven’t lost any weight, when really, you have.  If you are working out, you’ll likely gain muscle weight – but that is a very good thing.  You have to remember that muscle burns more calories, meaning that you can eat more and still lose weight.

Timing is crucial as well.  Always weigh yourself at the same time each day.  I personally like weighing myself when I wake up in the morning.  I weigh myself before I have anything to eat or drink.

So lets do us all a favour;  lets focus on the long term goal of fat loss.  This way it will keep us in the right  frame of mind to not obsess with the scale.

When setting a weight loss goal, you will want to ensure you set a long term goal for your health.  Too much has gone on this year that has made me realize this is important.  I need to make sure I myself set a long term health goal.  Now, we know we can’t always prevent diseases such as cancer, but I don’t want to make a choice now that will jeopardize my health later.  I don’t want to die prematurely like my aunt and my Nan.  I want to live a long healthy life.  So it’s important for me to ensure I get a grip on my life choices, and ensure I am healthy long term for my family and friends.

So for instance, if you have high cholesterol, set a long-term goal for the range that you aim to achieve and keep. You may also do this for any other health concerns that you have. You will also want to set your goal number on the BMI chart; although that chart is highly questionable, it’s still widely used and can be another self-indicator to how far you’ve come. If you go to a gym, also record things such as your body fat percentage. Setting a long-term goal for how much of your body fat percentage you’d like to drop can be a great motivator as well.

What I’ll leave you with is this.  Don’t just set weight loss goals, but set life goals as well.  If this is your first attempt to lose your excess weight, you may not understand the difference between weight loss goals and life goals.  Those who have tried to lose weight before (and succeeded) can tell you that weight loss is not just about counting calories or dieting, but it’s all about making lifestyle changes that last long term.

HELLO!!! RIGHT HERE!!! ME ME ME !!! I KNOW THIS!! I know how hard it is to maintain the weight loss and the importance of changing your habits.  I found the weight loss was the easy part! But a year and a few months later after my big 100lbs loss, the maintenance part is hard.  So SET A GOAL TO MAINTAIN! Hard? YES.  Achievable…? Yes.  You need to know that every day will be a new battle, you’ll face new challenges.  But just set a goal to TRY YOUR BEST every day!!

Do NOT let the mean people bring you down.  ALWAYS be proud of your accomplishments.  Do not ever feel like a failure if you have a bad day or a bad week.. HECK even if you fall off track for a month! WHO CARES.. The fact that you get RIGHT BACK UP and at it as soon as you’re mentally prepared.. that’s all that matters.

This whole year has been an emotional rollercoaster for me.  I lost my aunt and I lost my Nan.  I’ve eaten my feelings and I’ve gained weight.  

But what I’m learning NOW is this.  I CANT get upset that I’ve gained weight.  I should still be proud of my previous weight loss success.  Wait.. I AM proud.  I have a little more ways to go due to the challenges I’ve experienced.  But I have my goal still set, and I’m going to do it.

So please, take from personal experience.. don’t ever give up.  Don’t take drastic measures to get there either, trust me.
Every challenge you come too, will be a challenge to be proud of because you overcame it.

I’m here for you, every step of the way.