Health Coaching Services

Do you want to be the best YOU you can be for 2014?

NO, losing weight isn’t easy. YES you WILL succeed.. YOU must be determined!! There is no easy way to lose weight; diet pills, crash diets, and temporary solutions always result in gaining the weight back, if not more than you started with!

You don’t need a DIET, you need a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! If you’re ready to be in control of your weight and learn fitness and nutrition the RIGHT WAY.. then this is for you!

I’ve learned from experience that you DO NOT need to cheat yourself by purchasing diet pills, shakes or the newest weight loss gimmick. You need a proper diet and exercise. More importantly, all you need is someone there to coach you along.

I’m here to coach you. I’m so tired of people falling for all these gimmicks. You don’t need them.

6 Weeks of Personal Health Coaching for only $60 – After the 6 weeks, we’ll talk!!!

What’s involved? 6 weeks of meal planning, motivation and support. An effective home workout program that is FUN for you and will give you results.

You’ll receive motivational emails, delicious recipes straight to your inbox and of course you have ME cheering you on… knowing YOU CAN do this!

Coaching available in person and online!

I have two years experience in the weight loss industry and I’m currently studying Fitness and Nutrition!

Also, the thing is… I KNOW how hard weight loss can be. I KNOW what it takes to lose the weight – I lost 100lbs in one year!! I KNOW that you CAN do this. You’re worth it. I genuinely care about what I do.. I CARE about your success.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Just fill out the form below to get more information!! I look forward to hearing from you!



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