Proud to be a Loser

Every season of The Biggest Loser, I found myself saying “Alright Danielle! This is it! We’re going to lose the weight right along with the contestants.”

However, every episode I found myself eating chips and dips, ice cream and popcorn while watching “The Biggest Loser.” So instead of losing the weight along with the contestants… I was gaining weight while putting my health in jeopardy.  I was happy and content eating this junk food and and sitting on the couch.  I would cry, but obviously deep down I was okay with what I was doing, because it kept happening week after week.

Until a two years ago.  I had finally smartened up.  Last year during “The Biggest Loser” I felt pride.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  I had written my own weight loss story.  I watched that season knowing I had won the battle against obesity.  Sure, I still have a little ways to go… but I no longer have over 100lbs to lose.. I’m at my last 40lbs! It’s exciting.

I’m sitting here tonight feeling a little intimidated knowing what I’m up against.  I know the hard work that’s going to be taking place to achieve my goals.  But ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT!! This is what I love love love about what I do.  I want everyone to know that every bit of hard work, every tear, every drip of sweat.. is WORTH IT! We are truly all in it together.

So.. what a better way for you to start your weight loss journey than with an inspiring first episode of “The Biggest Loser!” 
I know I’m sitting here excited.  Something about Bob and Jill gets my adrenaline going.  I’m heading to the gym after this episode.  I know I’m going to be in for a great workout.  Something about watching this show gets me more and more inspired and READY!  

We’re all embarking on these journey’s.  I’m here to ensure you stay motivated.  I’m here to remind you of WHY you’re choosing to save your life.  I’m here to help plan your daily meals.  I’m here for you, remember that.  I will probably make you mad sometimes.. telling you something you don’t want to hear — no, not because I’m trying to be Jillian, Bob or a bitch.  It’s because I personally know the hard work and tears that come along with weight loss success.  I know sometimes we need to hear the things we don’t want to hear.  

I’m not going to promise that you’re not going to have days where you wake up and feel that you can’t do this.  You’ll probably wake up tomorrow thinking this exact thing.  Heck, I still have those days.  But what I live by… is you CAN.. hense why it’s tattooed on my wrist along with my start weight.  Remember, I’ve BEEN there.. I’ve done that.. I’m STILL doing this.

Guys… obesity sucks.  Being overweight sucks.  Eating that Big Mac and french fries may taste good at the time, but the aftermath SUCKS.

But it’s going to be worth it.  When you’re at your goal weight.. or when you achieve that chin up you never thought you could do, you’re going to be so proud.  I’m going to be proud….. I’ve never been able to do a chin up ..EVER.  So I know once I can do chin ups.. it’ll be a small, but meaningful victory.

So tonight, think of something you’ve always wanted to do, but your weight has stopped you.  Write that down.  Remember it.  Use that as fuel.. keep going.. we can do this.  You can do this. 

I care, I’m here every step of the way.

I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes from the episode 🙂 Have a great evening my lovelies..

“Use your pain for your benefit.” – Dovette

“If you do not have that thing you are here to fight for,  every single day will feel like a punishment.  If you have that WHY, you can tolerate any HOW.” – Jillian


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